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Department Consultants Available Equipments
Dr. C. Ravindran, M.D., D.M.R.D.,
ELPRO 300 MA x-ray unit. Thomson 15 MA portable x-ray unit.
Sonology Sonologist:
Dr. C. Ravindran, M.D., D.M.R.D.,
Dr.S.Vivekanandan,B.Sc.,M.B.,B.S.,D.M.R.D., Dr. Manjula Venkataraman, M.B.B.S.,
Ultra Sound Scan
1) Total body Color Doppler Philips Envisor with Sony Thermal Printer
2) Aloka Scanner with Sigma Imager
Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Scopist:
Dr. B.P.Ganapathi, M.S.,
Olympus Endoscopy Unit
a. Gastroscopy
b. Colonoscopy
Laparoscopy Laparoscopist:
Dr. B.P.Ganapathi, M.S.,
Storez Complete Laparoscopic Unit.
Pulmonology (Respiratory Function) Pulmonologist
Dr. Nagarajan (Pulmonary and Critical care)
MEGSPIROR Spirometer
Echocardiogram Echocardiologist
Dr. P.I. Chakravarthy, M.R.C.P. (UK),
Dr. Balaji, M.D., D.M.,
i) Total body Colour Doppler Apogee 800+ with Sony Thermal Printer
ii) Aloka Scanner with Sigma Imager
TMT (Computerized Heart Exercise Test) Dr. P.I. Chakravarthi, M.R.C.P., (UK), (Cardiologist) Wipro GE Make TMT
CT scan (Kovai scan center) Dr. Muralidharan, M.D., D.M..R.D., Kovai Scan Center
(Sivanandha Colony located very near to our hospital. Ambulance facility is available for taking the patient to the scan center).
MRI Scan (Clarity scan center) Dr. Murugan, M.D., D.M.R.D Clarity MRI scan
(Located very near to our hospital at Ram Nagar)
C-Arm Image Intensifier Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. S. Rajapandian, M.S.,(Ortho),D.Ortho
SIEMENS Image intensifier
Intensive Care Unit Physician
Dr. A.R.Vijayakumar, M.D.,
Dr. Kumar, M.D.,
Dr. Govindarajan
HP Criticare bedside monitors BPL Monitor cum defibrillator Siemens 300 Ventilator ALOKA bed side echo machine.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Paediatrician
Dr. Subash, (Paediatrician)
PHOENIX Incubator
ZEAL warmer
PHOENIX Phototherapy Unit
Diginfusa infusion set
NELLCOR Pulse Oxymeter
Invitro Fertilization Unit Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
Dr. Christy Ganapathi, M.D., D.G.O.,
Dr. Sheela Rajapandian, M.D., D.G.O.,
Dr. Chitra Ganapathi, M.D., O.B & G ;
Laminar Flow with stage warmer.
STEREO zoom microscope.
CO2 incubator.
Ovum Aspiration Pump.
Test Tube Warmer
Laboratory Centrifuge, R4
Binocular Microscope.
Makler Chamber
Hot air oven
Bacteriological incubator.